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Human error is a bigger problem within the Colocation Vietnam industry than many realize. Research has shown that human error is the root cause of 60 to 80 percent of all downtime instances. There’re some behaviors and strategies customers can look for with their DC and colocation vendors that can signal the vendor’s commitment to […]

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The surge of connected devices will have an effect through big swaths of the best colocation Vietnam industry… …whether you believe the IoT is a new phenomenon or simply a new term for something that’s been happening all along. Data storage and compute capacity is being deployed in “edge” locations, which are essentially places that […]




The pressure experienced by colocation Vietnam has been high in the recent past and shows no signs of reducing, cause of the ever increasing volumes of data.  Data centers (DC) are not able to handle the loads now at a time when they need to be more responsive and accessible than ever before. Around 5 […]




Previously, Google quality colocation Vietnam is a secret place, but now it has changed. The data center of technological company is the center of all operations. It is also true with Google. To keep global operations away from interruption, Google need a system of quality data center all over the world. Data center have to […]




As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Google colocation Vietnam consumed 25% of Internet traffic in the North of America. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo… are the largest technology companies all over the world. But it’s hard to imagine the scale of them without detailed statistics. Google’s data center in the North of […]




May be you do not know that the industry-wide colocation Vietnam Hanoi standards were not established until 1995. It is the time when “Tier Classifications Define Site Infrastructure Performance” is created by the Uptime Institute.  With that document, the data center (DC) industry had guidance around how to connect DC uptime with business delivery. Within the […]




If you have been involved in colocation Vietnam migration, then you know that the work can be very detailed and complex.  These types of projects have a lot of moving parts, and need a high level of intensive planning up front. One thing mentioned in that post was the importance of getting as much internal […]




If you’ve managed bandwidth colocation Vietnam, you may be familiar with the daunting task moving your data center (DC) to a new location. If your business is growing, then migrating DCs is often inevitable. This is because you’ll see increases in power usage, capacity demands and overall management costs that your current data center simply […]




The decision to consolidate, move or expand your Bandwidth colocation Vietnam is an important part of your IT infrastructure strategy. It includes assessing soft and hard costs and benefits that associated with owning your data center (DC) and colocation from a provider. Many companies found that offsite colocation with a reliable provider offering an attractive […]

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Let’s wait for top predictions of colocation server Vietnam by the experts in the end of this year. This article will introduce the trends of data center construction predicted by Lars Strong – an expert in the field of data center optimization. Currently, he is a senior engineer with the engineering certificate at the Energy […]