Google colocation Vietnam consumed 25% internet traffic in noa

February 10, 2017

As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Google colocation Vietnam consumed 25% of Internet traffic in the North of America.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo… are the largest technology companies all over the world. But it’s hard to imagine the scale of them without detailed statistics. Google’s data center in the North of America consumed an average of 25% of Internet traffic every day in the region. This means that Google has accounted for 1/4 of total Internet traffic of the Internet service provider (ISP) the North of America. This rate is higher than the total of Internet traffic that Facebook, Netflix and Instagram consume every day. With billions of devices connected to a Google server every day, this rate is completely reasonable.


Like other big technology companies, Google has lots of data centers located in many countries to serve the users in these areas. The rapid increase in the number of devices as well as users asks Google to build more quality colocation Vietnam as fast as possible.

Craig Labovitz – a director of an Internet Service Providers executive said that Google has not only made construction of the center data centers but also expanded Internet coverage throughout the North of America in recent years. At least 62% of the smartphone, tablet, video-streaming devices … in the North of America that are connected to the Internet access to Google’s servers at least once a day. Labovitz had to say “terrible” to describe the total of Internet traffic Google consumed. Most of the traffic comes from YouTube video service. On the other hand, users also use Google for searching, analyzing, advertising and accessing to applications.


To meet the rapid growth of users, Google have to build more data centers continuously in four continents. The number of data centers in Asia will be significantly invested. In additions, thousands of Google Global Cache servers are also offered to the Internet service providers at the worldwide scale. The servers located in the best colocation Vietnam will be responsible for hosting total data of Google services.

Example: When users watch video on YouTube, the data will be downloaded from the ISP’s Google Global Cache servers instead of loading directly from the Google data center. Most current ISPs in North America are provided Google servers. Currently, this rate has risen to 80%.


This will make the access speed to Google services increase significantly. The large companies such as Akamai, Level 3 and Netflix also applied this method few years ago. Currently, Google does not disclose technology of Google Global Cache servers. They also do not allow their Internet service providers to talk about that.