4 signs it’s time to change colocation Vietnam (part 1)

August 2, 2017

For many businesses, colocation Vietnam services underpin the most crucial enterprise tasks.

Everything from accessing sensitive data to connecting with important applications is made possible through their colocation (colo) environment, which is expertly managed and maintained by a data center service vendor.

With so much riding on colo support, it is imperative that your organization have a robust relationship with your vendor and can be confident about service delivery. But how do you know if your colon partner is “the one”?

While switching vendors can be a challenge, sometimes it can be in a business’s best interest so as to get the service and support they need. Below are 4 signs to help you answer the important question, “When is it the right time to call it quits with current vendor?”

  1. When sufficient power resources are not made available

This sign calls into question another main perk of having colocation au Vietnam service in place: scalability. An advantage of colo support is the fact that your business is able to scale its environment to suit its unique needs – both now and into the future.

However, if your vendor does not have the ability to scale – particularly when it comes to the power and density levels needed to support a growing colo environment – it is time to change. Your colo partner should be able to provide you redundant power sources which align with your potentially expanding colo demands.

While the decision to break up with your colo vendor is a difficult one to make, finding a partner which can offer the level of uptime, cost savings, location and power resources your business requirements is essential.

Colocation Vietnam

  1. When the costs rise

One of the biggest benefits of working with a colo vendor is the potential for IT cost savings. Outsourcing a portion of your critical infrastructure can be a predictable way to support monthly data center expenses whilst maintaining your company’s overall budget. Best of all, with your environment in the hands of trained experts, colo services are a smart investment for any size organization. However, a vendor that continually raises these costs can negatively impact this essential advantage.

In this spirit, should the cost of your collocation in Vietnam services rise – or subject the customer to hidden costs – it is time to look for another vendor that can offer you with the kind of predictable savings you need.

(be continued…)


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