Both the good and bad aspects of colocation in Vietnam

October 5, 2017

Colocation in Vietnam is typically a practice of leasing out physical space by DC facility to businesses to house their servers.

In other hands, rather than building their own DCs, some businesses prefer to house their servers with a 3rd-party service vendor. In the arrangement, the service vendor offers bandwidth, cooling systems, IP address, power supply, and security along with physical space.

  1. Benefits of colocation

Reduced risk of network outages: Businesses can have constant network uptime, usually 99.982% with a Tier-III DC, when opting colocation service as colocations have redundant systems in place that make sure the network is always up, even after unfortunate event of system failure. Colocation vendors also utilize virtualization that offers clients recent system snapshots that may help them recover from nasty system failures.

Flexibility to choose software and hardware specification: With Vietnam colocation  Hanoi arrangement, you have an option to choose hardware and software specification of your business needs. The colocations only offer the essential network infrastructure along with the physical space in form of cabinets or racks for housing servers. The clients themselves are responsible for buying software and hardware that best meet their business requirements.

Affordable: Budget may be the biggest constraint for startups and SMEs. By co-locating their servers in a shared environment, they actually share costs among multi-customer thus saving huge money that would have spent in establishing their own in-house DCs. Additionally, it allows them to reap the benefits premium bandwidth at a lower cost and the services of specialized professionals that would not be reasonable for them if running own DCs.

Colocation in Vietnam

  1. The cons of colocation

Maintenance at remotely located 3rd-party DC: Since your server is housed in a remotely located third-party DC and you’re responsible for maintenance yourself, it becomes a time-consuming affair to send your professionals at the DC every time there’s issue arises.

Responsibility to manage server: Hardware and deployments are yours so are the responsibility to fix issues whey occur. The onus to fix such issues is on you as you would have been doing in your on premise DC. If you do not have seasoned-geek to solve such issues, you may have a tougher time trying to bring server operation in normal condition, making colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh a big ‘thumb-down’ for you.

Huge upfront-cost: Colocation is no doubt a great option for businesses that have budget and resource constraints. But it should not be interpreted that colocation does not require upfront costs. As you would be purchasing your requisite software and hardware for colocation, the upfront costs will still be huge.

  1. Conclusion

Whilst considering both pros and cons of colocation, we found that the pros outweigh the cons in many ways. Whilst the cons demonstrate that colocation is not a good hosting option for many businesses due to their business demands and other factors. But the colocation does have some potential advantages that many businesses take of.


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