Check your colocation in Vietnam quality

December 20, 2017

Future colocation in Vietnam infrastructure is one of the main areas where information technology experts feel that they lack confidence.

This shows how recent and rapidly advancing trends like cloud and virtualization have put pressure on DCs to keep up with the rest of the industry. For business owners and service vendors looking to outsource their infrastructure, this means choosing a DC partner who is ahead of the curve – and future-proofing should certainly play a big part in your selection process. While your demands today are necessary, you should also take into account how your business will grow in the future, and choose a partner who can meet them.

Capacity of the DC

When your business grows in complexity and size, your will demand for resources, security and power. You will want to ask your vendor whether they have ability to accommodate this growth.

Capacity in terms of rack space is simple enough, but power is a particular concern for many colocation clients nowadays. More than one in three IT professionals experience significant challenges in getting the right amount of power to their colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh infrastructure – making it a bigger issue than controlling their carbon footprint and managing the cost of power.

It does not help that the average DC’s power consumption per rack has increased in recent years. You know that a rack that requires 2kw half a decade ago is now drawing double that, reaching double figures in some cases. In turn, more power means more heat – so you need to make sure that your DC’s cooling provisions will continue to meet your demands as you grow.

Colocation in vietnam

Is facility compatible with design?

The way a DC is designed and maintained will give you a good indication as to whether it will be able to meet your needs in the future. It also tells you whether your vendor is managing the DC in a good and efficient way – which will impact the service you receive.

It is now more vital than ever to ensure that your vendor implements hot and cold aisle containment correctly, with blanking plates to prevent the mixing of cool and warm air and sensors in place to manage the temperatures around the facility.

Are there any options like cloud computing available?

Any business owner knows how rapidly things can change. It is likely that in the future, your IT strategy will change and evolve – which is why working with a colocation Vietnam vendor that can offer you a wide range of services, such as cloud hosting as well as colocation, is beneficial even if you do not use them all from day one.

You may initially buy a quarter or half-rack, but your requirements could change few months down the line when you launch a new service, or win a new client with high for flexibility and scalability requirements. In this case, having the ability to expand or move some of your workloads into the cloud without the overhead of sourcing a new vendor will be invaluable.


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