Choose the right disaster recovery option for colocation in Vietnam

November 27, 2017

Data is the key in information era. This’s the reason why you need to choose the right disaster recovery option for colocation in Vietnam.

Nowadays, data drives your business, and consumers need access around the clock. Because of this shift, gone are the days of contemplating whether or not you need an IT disaster recovery plan. The only question to consider is what type of recovery plan is the right fit. Whether you don’t yet have a plan ready or you’re considering adjusting your current disaster recovery plan, finding the answer for 2 following questions will help set you a on the right track

  1. What is the cost of downtime to your company?

Have you performed a business impact analysis? The business impact analysis is an necessary component of any disaster recovery plan. It identifies the consequences of potential interruptions to your organization’s business functions in the case of a disaster & attempts to forecast both the monetary and non-monetary costs that are associated to your Vietnam colocation. Determining the revenue impact of each business function in the case of a disaster is not easy task, but taking the time to get as close to a conclusion as possible will pay off. This will lead you into the next step in the planning process: assessing your risk tolerance.

Colocation in vietnam

  1. What is your risk tolerance?

Once you’re aware of any potential interruptions and how they affect your business, you need to decide what your recovery purposes are and what is your risk tolerance level?

  • Firstly, you need to know about “recovery time objective” (RTO). This index refers to the time it takes to get your business activities back-up and operating after a natural disaster. RTO has to do with your app itself rather than data lost.
  • Secondly, recovery point objective (RPO) is the other index: This’s determined by looking at the time between data backups and the amount of data which can be lost in between backups. What will your data center Vietnam loss in relation to your data? How long can you afford to run without the data before your business suffers? Your recovery point purpose determines how often you need to duplicate data from your production to your disaster recovery website.

Whilst performing a risk assessment understands that recovery costs and measures will be different for catastrophic event and with each individual app. Costs should be accordingly allocated, therefore your most of the crucial functions are sufficiently protected.


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