Colocation server vietnam improves submarine faster cable

October 19, 2016

Currently we can see that there are more and more companies invest in construction of colocation server Vietnam in Asia.

Accompany with building data center, many giant technological companies have also built fiber-optic connection to increase throughput in Asia.

The largest data center of Google in Asia has been connected to the US – Japan submarine cable system that is activated recently. This will help Google significantly to improve data transfer in the Asia – Alphabet said.

Google is one of the sponsors of submarine cable project that has been active in June 2016. This optical cable line connects Bandon, Oregon in the US with Chikura and Shima in Japan and Taishui in Taiwan


Fiber-optic cable between Japan and Taiwan – where largest Google quality colocation Vietnam in Asia places in – has just operated recently. However, it speeded bandwidth up to 26 terabits per second in this area. This speed allows each person in Taiwan to send a photo to a person in Japan in every 15 seconds. The total number of photos sent every day will be up to 138 billion photos – Google said.

You probably did not know that more than half of Internet users globally distributed in Asia, and this number is increasing day by day, faster than any other region in the world. That’s why Google and other service providers are investing a lot of money on infrastructure in Asia. Statistics show that in July 2013, there are 48.3% of Internet users in Asia, equivalent to 2.73 billion people. Currently, this figure had increased up to 3.54 billion.

Previously there were two of Google Data Centers in Asia launched in 2013. Google spent $ 600 million to build data center in Changhua County and $ 500 million to the one in Singapore. This is part of a project to expand the bandwidth colocation Vietnam abroad that announced by Google last year.


Google’s involvement in the construction of fiber-optic connection in Asia has demonstrated significant change in the field of submarine cable transmission. Traditionally, big private-factor and government corporations have to spend millions of dollars for a project taking a few years to complete. But for technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft with goal of global development, their bandwidth needs grow so quickly that their role in the construction of the transmission line system has become more important than ever. We can see that these companies have become not only customers of transmission line operators but also the project investors.

Microsoft is supporting the fiber-optic project in Atlantic and the destination will be in Virginia and Spanish. And cloud computing services of Amazon has also invested in a system of fiber-optic in Pacific in order to increase the bandwidth between America, Australia and New Zealand. People said that Amazon has agreed to sponsor the entire project to become investors at this time.