Colocaton vietnam ho chi minh in future

October 19, 2016

Experts in fields of colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh optimization make affords to improve performance of data center and decrease cost.

The development of the data center for years

The development of Internet and applications as well as need of data storage has enhanced the role of the data center all over the world. Besides the new data center meeting the international standardizes, there are a lot of old data centers that have been improve to get more efficiency.

In Vietnam, the data center develops in the early 21st century. It is the growth period of finance – banking – insurance – Internet and telecommunications. In 2010, this trend is declining because banks make restructuring, separation or merger.


Currently, the colocation server Vietnam services have changed thanks to digital connectivity and mobilized trend. Schneider Electric is one of the first providers to make the competition in the data center service in Vietnam while constantly introducing and providing optimal data center solutions.

These solutions include data management and server hardware performance optimizing software. This makes server to get more efficient operation and save cost. The solutions not only manage data center infrastructure but also have flexible module to meet the needs of users in present and future timely.

The worry of “Downtime”

Downtime is when operating devices interrupt data center. This will make data centers will no longer play its role any more. There are many reason of downtime such as a power failure or mistake in the operation and monitoring.

The consequence of this is damaging to the system devices and interrupting website system. Downtime not only increases the cost of troubleshooting but also affects to reputation of the provider.


The cost of downtime depends on the fields and model of business as well as the scale of bandwidth colocation Vietnam. The larger the business is, the more influence of downtime makes. Some companies even spend thousands of dollars to overcome downtime in 1.5h / week. For large corporations, this cost can higher when downtime last for long time.

Currently, the data center all over the world is increasing rapidly. Placing servers containing all of the data in the data center is necessary but leads to the risk of downtime.

Therefore, 99.999% uptime is one of the most important standards of a data center. Trends of data center construction must ensure to create smarter system operates and minimize causes of downtime.