Disaster recovery tests and updates for colocation in Vietnam

October 17, 2017

Conduct tests for your disaster recovery plan depending on the changes taking place within your colocation in Vietnam to refine it constantly.

With major floods hitting many parts of the world, the scientists are now predicting there is plenty more to come over the next five years putting residents, businesses and other organizations at risk. That is why the professionals are increasingly concerned about the need for DCs to put disaster recovery plans in place to minimize disruptions.

You may do not know that sea-level rise has doubled the chances of flooding in many locations around the world, and that will only accelerate in the coming decades. By 2020, coastal areas can be significantly affected by the sea-level rise. So that, it is so necessary that you already have a disaster recovery strategy for your DC in place. However, that process does not end with ensuring you have an effective plan to protect your company against significant loss. It also includes developing steps to test, review if necessary, to make sure that you are not at risk for overlooking flaws in the disaster recovery plan for your colocation Vietnam.

Colocation Vietnam

The followings are some crucial steps to ensure that your operations can recover successfully in the event of flooding or other disasters.

  • Perform a risk assessment: One of the top priorities of the planning committee is to conduct a risk assessment that covers a variety of scenarios, including the inability to assess data or to communicate with one another. Be exhaustive in determining the risks and determining the costs with each scenario.
  • Appoint employees to a planning committee: Designate staffs and key administers to be part of a disaster recovery planning committee that review and update your disaster recovery strategy. Make sure that you have a good team that represents different areas of your organization to address unique requirements.
  • Prioritize functions: Obviously, not all functions are created equal. Determine which departments are the priorities for recovery after a disruption. Rank them according to importance and include that in your recovery plan.
  • Test and test again: With your disaster recovery plan for colocation Vietnam colocation finalized, it is vital to regularly test and review it for areas that need updating. Besides, you have to make sure that you keep a printed copy in a safe area outside of your facility that you can reach in the case of a disruption.
  • Assess your backup plans: One of the key components of a disaster recovery plan is developing backup resources. Many enterprises choose to build a backup plan through a 3rd party to avoid the expense of building out the facility or buying the equipment themselves.

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