Discover google colocation vietnam

October 24, 2016

Google is rarely public images of its colocation Vietnam. Therefore, when these images  are published, people are really impressive.

Most of the data center is “serious” and closed places. Google is not an exception, but that’s what we see from the outside. With more than 14 data centers all over the world placed in US, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Singapore, Chile… It is said that the scale of Google data centers will make anyone surprised. Let see some images of on Google data center in Finland!

From the outside

Google colocation Vietnam in Council Bluffs is located in a green environment so that the animals can go outside without fears.


In Finland, Google data center is built in a beautiful location near the forest and the lake. It is such a beautiful sightseeing in the winter!


This is an image of the Google engineering team in Hamina while they are fishing outside the data center in the winter. Although this data center is far from the city, it is consider as a great place to build energy infrastructure.


The data centers are integrated relaxing space for the staff. We all know that Google is one of the pressure technology companies in the world and have high rejecting employee rates. The picture below is a sauna to reduce stress after work.


…To the inside

This is an impressive image of Google data center in Douglas County, Georgia. The colorful pipe systems play an important role in cooling equipment. In Google data center, bicycle is priority to use.


The picture below is Google data center in Finland. The structure of the raising floor needs a very large space and powerful energy to operate. However, this amount of energy is about 50% of usual data center.


Server system

Google has never announced exactly the total number of servers all over the world. Maybe Google wants to protect their security information to avoid competing from competitors if their resource is lower than expectations.

Here are images of the server systems in the Council Bluffs colocation hosting Vietnam. It is larger than 115,000 feet. These server systems are responsible for YouTube operation.


Plastic compartments in the data center keep cold air in and push the hot air out. Cold air will be blown up from the floor to reduce the heat.


The robot is used commonly in Google data center. The robotic arm helps the employee to take the tape out and put it back into the right position. Each tape has its own code so the robot can identify easily.