Does your colocation in Vietnam need disaster recovery plan

October 10, 2017

Every business, whether large, medium, or small, which uses colocation in Vietnam, should have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

It will guide employees on how to recover in the event of a breach caused by a natural or human-made event. Most of us realize that. But when was the last time you reviewed your plan and identified any gaps that require tweaks or significant changes?

Whether you are now developing a disaster recovery plan or at a stage where you need to review it, start the process by asking these two questions:

  • What do you want to recover fast?
  • How quick do you want to recover after an event?

By highline the answers to 2 questions, you can begin implementing a strategic plan based on your specific needs of colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh. Enterprises would need to bring numerous team members to take a granular look to confirm which areas are more critical than others.

Colocation in vietnam

The solutions could vary extensively depending upon which functions of your enterprise you need to be recovered immediately and, as a result, will be the most expensive recovery projects in your plan. You also may determine that other data can wait a week prior to being required to get your enterprise back to normal or return to operations, as described in the industry.

The enterprises also may want to determine if they need work group recovery — another location that allows employees to physically gather to keep working in the event of a disaster or other event that prevents them from working at the office.

  • Retrain employees. Review your disaster recovery procedures to ensure instructions on what to do in the wake of an event still make sense. Once the plan is solid, remind employees of their responsibilities. Consider it a tornado drill.
  • Look beyond nature. With cyber-attacks increasing, your risks have expanded beyond acts of nature like earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. Factor in how malware and DoS – DDoS attacks can affect your systems and outline a disaster plan.
  • Identify your VIP. It happens in every business. People come and go while others move up in the office. Ensure your recovery plan reflects the key employees who will be critical to addressing problem with the Vietnam colocation in case of an emergency. Ensure all contact information is current, even if you’re dealing with the same list of employees.
  • Determine the price. If your business has experienced growth since you last reviewed your recovery plan, then it is now time for an update. A solid plan should consider what is needed to get back to service as fast as possible, and the expenses involved with different disaster recovery scenarios.


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