How to choose the best colocation vietnam service

October 31, 2016

Selecting colocation Vietnam provider is an important decision. Some tips below can help you to identify quality service.

  1. Reliability

The first important criteria should be noticed is the reliability.  Reliability is simply measured by the uptime of data centers. A reliable service provider would have up to 99,999 % that means you will always access to your data nearly immediately all the time.  Other things you should consider are customer caring services and feedbacks from used-service customers.

  1. Effective operation

How much time you have to spend installing and operating the system? How long it takes if you install new connection system or a rack-adding support? That is the question you should ask the colocation service provider. It is hard to measure exactly but a quality colocation Vietnam service provider will know how long it takes to complete your requirements.


  1. Financial stability

Carefully check the scale and finance of the data center or service provider that you are interested. Surely none of us want to waste too much time and money in investing to a center that will be likely to close in the next few years. Make sure that your data center will be able to assist your company at least 5 years or longer. Let carefully consider with cheap colocation Vietnam.

  1. Easy expansion

A good colocation service provider can be able to help you expand the system whenever you need. However, just notice that many service providers often offer different expansion levels.

So you should find providers can offer ability of space system expansion. Do not let the supplier not supporting system expansion impede your business. Find best colocation Vietnam can assist you with the ability to expand the space, the system.


Location and facility

Location will be one of the most important things in choosing a good colocation services. Firstly, you have to ensure that your technical employee can easily access to colocation. Certainly you do not want to wait so long when your system becomes discontinued, right?  Besides that you should pay attention to the facility of the data center and wonder if it will meet your requirements or not?

These above thing are basic aspects to choose high quality colocation server in Vietnam provider. Hope you will have the best choice!