Preparing your colocation Vietnam for future

April 13, 2017

The pressure experienced by colocation Vietnam has been high in the recent past and shows no signs of reducing, cause of the ever increasing volumes of data.

 Data centers (DC) are not able to handle the loads now at a time when they need to be more responsive and accessible than ever before. Around 5 years down the lane, the demand is likely to unprecedentedly increase and businesses have to identify the consequences of the quickly rising data amounts entering their DCs, find out what priorities need to be addressed, set potential goals for the 2020s DCs, and devise a plan for developing futuristic DCs.


The world is going mobile!

With the world shifting towards going digital, mobile and virtualization, every company wants to personally connect with the other companies that they handle business with to present a compelling experience. Therefore, many enterprises are trying to get on the mobile, cloud, analytics and social bandwagon by spending hugely on these, so that shoving the IT market to touch the $ 3.5 trillion benchmark.

Before 2020, the traffic seen by best colocation Vietnam is likely to increase 3-folds and the number of apps may increase by several times. The complexity involved would also increase in future and would need over 75 % of resources for maintenance.


Half a decade down the line, businesses would anticipate IT to support almost thirty times increase in the frequency of app launches. Sources like cloud, IoT, data / analytics, mobile, in addition to a completely new class of apps will directly affect the DC’s productivity and growth, globalization, expectations of experience, evolving business models, and security compliance and threats.

Organizations that devise DCs with the ability to meet these future demands can lead the competition and offer customers a complementary blend of infrastructure, including requisite provisioning flexibility and app store specific to enterprises.

Follow the 5-2-1 theory

IT heads should devise their future roadmap strategy based on the 5-2-1 theory…. plan for 5 years, set your purposes for 2 years, and execute the present year.

Every year, this plan has to be reviewed with enough space for any kind of dynamic modification based on progress and experience. The key elements of a 5-year plan for 2020 DC should include absolute infrastructure, trend alignment and IT as top agent for changes. As for 2-year plans, integrate business alignment in addition to authentication and verification against the given goals and measures. 1-year plan should incorporate landscape blueprinting; this’s what industry experts recommend.


Finally, consider blending infrastructure and apps to accomplish these objectives. Such DCs will highly comply with the needed standards and statutory requirements and be safe.

If you want to retain customers in real-time colocation server Vietnam and develop relationships, the ability to communicate value fast and quantify is crucial. This in turn will add value to your business. Nowadays, all kinds of businesses are developing their specific techniques to make the most out of their investments in IT.  To get a detailed insight into the present state of IT affairs, organizations should get started with a plan, evaluate their decision, and concentrate on design instead of quick implementation.