Top predictions of building colocation server vietnam to watch in 2017

November 21, 2016

Let’s wait for top predictions of colocation server Vietnam by the experts in the end of this year.

This article will introduce the trends of data center construction predicted by Lars Strong – an expert in the field of data center optimization. Currently, he is a senior engineer with the engineering certificate at the Energy Data Center Department (DCEP).

He said that if the number of servers in a data center increase while the budget does not meet the need of infrastructure expansion, it is essential to improve cooling systems. This leads to the following trends:

  1. Combine different cooling methods

There are many components created to cooling system in colocation Vietnam. Besides that, we also have many options to install and design data center like a local cooling, cooling fans, interior design, room layout…


We can see a lot of testing and choosing from the manufacturers of cooling system as well as the changes and combinations of cooling methods in the Data Center. This trend is expected to grow in the future by its flexibility. We can hope that this trend will continue being tested. At this time, the related expenses can occur. However in long term, we can expect to find a more economical solution.

  1. Research on the cooling system

Actually, the cooling solution for data centers is continuously improved. This requires the knowledge of the dynamics and cooling technology. Making a decision to choose indirect or direct cooling solution requires technical employee’s thermodynamics and environmental understanding.

Although cooling technology is continuously improved, there are many misperceptions about quality colocation Vietnam cooling issues. Therefore, to unify the theories, it is necessary to set up a research in the cooling systems of the data center.


Documents and information are now easy to get. But if experts creating documents cannot explain problems in a simple understandable way, they did not succeed.

  1. Understand the principles of Airflow Management

There are many way to improve cooling system for data center or computer room such as sealing cable openings, raising the floor… All of this will make the air circulation continuous. That is also the principle of Airflow Management (AFM) in Data Center. AFM principle is not only effective in the present but also maintained in the future.