What are the drawbacks of colocation in Vietnam?

November 30, 2017

In spite of the many outstanding benefits that colocation in Vietnam brings, it has also its share of drawbacks as the followings.

  • The initial financial layout may be high.
  • It is so hard to find data center that are conveniently located near your home or your company. As colocation needs a hands-on management of your system which means that it needs to be staffed by a team of professional persons, it is important that the data center be located fairly close to your home or office to minimize the travel time and cost. Colocations are usually found in large cities near network hubs that limit the options to choose from.
  • Your need to travel from where you work in to the colocation Vietnam center could limit the time you spend in the center or the office.
  • Colocation may be more expensive that managed hosting. This is due to your need to buy or lease the equipment that you need for your system. Software also needs to be provided by you – which also translate into additional cost plus the need to hire the staff needed to operate and manage your system.

Colocation in vietnam

  • Expenses monthly can vary significantly as it is proportional to the volume of traffic between the internet and your servers. A big increase in traffic is also a huge increase in the cost as you need to pay for the excess bandwidth that you used.
  • Since bandwidth is shared by a number of colocation users, you will find that your apps/ websites are slow.
  • There could be some time restrictions as to the access to the colocation Vietnam Hanoi which means that should problems occur within the time restriction, you may need to wait until the restriction is lifted.
  • You have to to travel from your office to the data center if you need to work on your server.
  • You need some professionals or hire expert staff in case the maintenance of your server is your responsibility. If there is a need to solve any issue that may occur within your system, you have to do the troubleshooting yourself as the overall responsibility of the web is yours.


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