What to expect in colocation in Vietnam in the next few years

October 19, 2017

Most of the changes in colocation in Vietnam like security, compute power, and disruptive technology… are sure to continue even in this year.

  1. New paradigms of security

The entire environment of data center (DC) is going to witness impact of new technology whether it is related to multiple resource usages or need for greater security measures. The rise in security concerns is mainly attributed to cloud adoption, emergence of IoT and software defined architecture.

In some of the fields of businesses like healthcare, banking and e-commerce the security standards need to high. Use of conventional security measures will slowly make way for high end security protections which can offer impregnable protection by using state of the art tools.

  1. Adoption of new technologies

To cater to growing demands and stay on top of the competition, Vietnam colocation will need to acquire new technologies. This will also help record and monitor real time condition of device and environment to ensure that the overall operations are not interrupted.

DCs need to adopt modern technologies that consist of device with sensors for measuring parameters of IT environment and administering network device. This’s also essential for high uptime and reduction of capital expenditure.

Colocation in vietnam
colocation vietnam

  1. DC automation

Automation of DC operations will be become essential as more and more workloads will have to be executed due to growing demands of storage, security, and so forth. Agility and responsiveness of DCs can only be ensured by way of automation that will also guarantee decrease of workloads and scope for manual errors.

As a result there will be standardization of data center Vietnam automation. There will be change in requirement of skill sets since most of the repetitive processes such as storage provisioning will be managed by way of automation. IT professional will have to acquire knowledge of emerging technologies since most of the old technologies will turn out to be obsolete.

  1. Shift towards greener and cooler pastures

The pursuit of greater energy efficiency will be marked by building of more DC facilities in cold regions. The DC design for the new facilities will be governed by underground constructions and use of the green energy. There will be a huge demand for optimization of energy as well as higher efficiency of distribution