When do we use quality colocation vietnam Ho Chi Minh

November 18, 2016

Colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh is a rental service of high quality space and infrastructure for servers.

 It has flexible configurations that meet all demand of the customers.

When you need colocation server service?

You may need this service in these cases:

  • – Expand your business.
  • – Make ecommerce business operation.
  • – Build the information system for a large number of employees.
  • – Don’t have strong financial capacity.
  • – Don’t have the good data center.

Colocation service can meet the requirement above. You should look for quality colocation Vietnam provider with high quality infrastructure system such as VDC, FPT, ODS, NETNAM. These providers were inherited and developed from VNN Internet with more than 4,800 Mbps for total capacity of international Internet connections.


 Benefits of colocation service

When using the high quality colocation server service, you will take advantage of the following benefits:

– You can remotely update, manage and monitor servers by yourself.

– Save cost for line.

– Servers are located in professional Data Center with modern facilities.

– Depending on your needs, you can uses colocation server services that are fixed or expanded…

– You can install colocation hosting Vietnam’s security solutions for servers or use available security systems.

– Quick support service by many methods: email, online chat, phone call whenever errors happen.

– Uptime is nearly 99.999%.


We can see that the good colocation server will help customer to get more economy benefit than any server solution. The equipment of colocation center can use better bandwidth level with a lower cost. That means with colocation service, network speed will be much faster meanwhile the reliability can be obviously higher.