Why you need a reliable colocation in Vietnam (part 1)

October 26, 2017

If you have to invest a lot of money in constructing an in-house server room, a better option will be to choose colocation in Vietnam.

This means that placing your servers with a reliable provider that will watch over and potentially maintain the equipment. Read this post to know why your business needs colocations instead of in-house server rooms.


Data centers (DC) are built with redundancy in mind. This means that most DCs have N+1 redundancy built into the key infrastructure such as cooling, power system, bandwidth, and network. At many standard office locations it may not be possible to implement this type of redundancy and when it is the costs can be extremely high.


One thing to consider is that using colocation Vietnam is actually very affordable. If you choose to maintain your servers in-house, you shall need to build a complete network infrastructure. This may include creating a server room that offers proper cooling, protection from damage and stable environmental conditions. It can be so expensive for your company to create and operate a server room. All off this is taken care of by the service vendor with colocation. Your servers are cooled and kept in a secure environment that’s maintained by the service vendor.


DC is built to be secure by nature. It is protecting millions of dollars of hardware and has many security features built into them when the center is being designed. For instance, a DC may have biometric or key card access and regulated entry into certain parts of the building. DCs also have 24/7 security surveillance and staff on-site protecting the equipment. It is hard to get this level of security from a standard office building.

Server Vietnam


Building a DC can be expensive. If you’re building your own in-house DC how big do you go? When will your hosted app take off and could you outgrow your space? You also do not want to waste money on space that will not be used for long time. When you locate your equipment at a DC you can expand your hosted solution instantly. Most facilities of  Vietnam colocation can increase your power, space and bandwidth within 24 hours. This is one less item you need to plan for and provides you more time to grow your service offering.

Design infrastructure

Colocation facilities are built to specific standards to meet the requirements of high-tech hardware nowadays. It is also built with conditioned power, cooling system, generators, security systems and other factors which cost millions of dollars. The systems are monitored 24/7 by the by professionals. So, you can take advantage of this instead of trying to host your own equipment in a less than desirable location.