Why you need a reliable colocation in Vietnam (part 2)

October 26, 2017

While using colocation in Vietnam is becoming more common every day, many businesses still choose to host their services in-house.


It is difficult to bringing in 100 mbps of bandwidth at an office while DCs have large bandwidth pipes and they receive connections from multiple vendors. This provides you many benefits for a fraction of the cost. Use the DC’s economy of scale and you will get better service for less cost in most cases.


Many companies attempting to do in-house hosting may overlook certain vital certifications that their clients require. Actually, they need to prove that they’re protecting the data they host and an audit may be required to prove this. In the other hands, DCs already hold these certifications and this can save businesses thousands of dollars per year. Certifications like SSAE16 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, and Safe Harbor are just a few of the items that may be required when hosting a customer’s data. Hosting at a colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh vendor can make the process of being certified much easier by allowing auditors to review certifications at DC.

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Risk management

Having your data at safe off-site location is a good way to manage your business risks if you’re hosting your primary data at your in-house location. Many businesses use DCs as their “disaster recovery” location so they can recover from a major event at their office. Many businesses also choose to use the DC as the primary location and their office for backups and recovery.

Reduced maintenance

The dirty little secret about DCs is once they are built the costs don not go away. It is necessary to maintain the infrastructure with monthly maintenance tasks. Batteries on the UPS need to be replaced and generators need regular exercise and fuel to maintain a truly redundant facility. By locating your equipment, you will save a lot of money that you can use to increase your presence at your colocation facility.


Colocation Vietnam is staffed by IT experts that can help your business. These professionals can help to maintain your servers. Managed services can take care of software tasks, server changes and even regular data backups. This support can install new software and modify server settings simply. IT staff at the hosting provider can even help to handle issues and conflicts that are affecting performance.


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