Your colocation in Vietnam may miss these security issues (part 1)

December 22, 2017

It’s a challenging process of choosing a colocation in Vietnam – especially if you are not an expert on the inner-workings of a DC

In some cases, their attitude, approach and general operations can even impact the security of your and your clients’ critical systems and data. Therefore, if you are opting for a colocation vendor, make sure that they do not overlook these security issues.

The role of management and expertise

There is a truth that is repeated: most security breaches or unplanned outages in the DC are the result of human error and poor management, rather than a malicious attack. Most of the recent outage, caused by a contractor accidentally turning off a UPS unit, is a perfect example of this.

Therefore, it is essential that the staffers are confident in their own procedures, and there is an organized management structure in place. As a customer, you rely on you colocation Vietnam Ho Chi Minh for business critical services – you should have access to their expertise and evidence of their procedures, accreditations, policies and control mechanisms.

Colocation in vietnam

Tenant confidentiality

If your colocation vendor exaggerates about the big brand tenants and high profile that they are hosting equipment for within their DC, they may not be your good choice if you want your own business confidentiality to be respected.

Besides, do not be afraid to ask whether they have permission to mention any of the brand names which they do during a DC tour – even during the sales process they should be demonstrating their integrity and approach to customer confidentiality.

There are also other areas where anonymity may be important, too. A poorly designed access card with personal or company identifying information on either side. This not only makes it easier for someone to pretend to be you, but also give them a starting point to crack other site authentication controls.

There are multiple entry points to the facility

The more points of entry a DC has, the more opportunities for resourceful and persistent individuals get inside without authorization. This is especially true if a colocation Vietnam vendor does not have consistent security controls across all of their possible entry points. Having a robust set of controls in primary access areas is almost pointless if the loading bay is not safe.

You should question any potential vendor on the type of intruder detection that is in place across any externally facing doors or windows and if and how this is monitored.


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