Discover google quality colocation Vietnam

February 24, 2017

Previously, Google quality colocation Vietnam is a secret place, but now it has changed.

The data center of technological company is the center of all operations. It is also true with Google. To keep global operations away from interruption, Google need a system of quality data center all over the world. Data center have to get high performance and take advantage of renewable energy sources. It is a trend that any data centers want to achieve in future.

Connection system

At Council Bluffs data center, a system of giant antenna is created to be responsible for retrieving information from server. This colocation server Vietnam was built in 2007 with the first capital of $USD 1.5 billion. In October 2011, Google has supported the Council Bluffs government to build free WiFi network entire city and 3 other areas.

In 2013, Google has expanded its wireless network by adding 2 other areas as Edge Park and City Hall. Currently, there are more than 130 employees of Google live and work here. In early 2012, Google has built a 2nd data center here.


The routers and jacks allow the data center to communicate with each other. This network system can operate faster 200,000 times than normal Internet connection.


Cable systems as well as pipe lines in Google data center are distinguished by color. The image below is cable in The Dalles data center.


The damaged drive will be destroyed at the data center to ensure that the user’s data is absolutely safe. This is a security commitment of Google.


Cooling system

We all know the long operation of the technology devices will create a huge amount of heat. The performance and longevity of these devices will decrease quickly without cooling. In some cases, it may cause fire.

Data center’s ceiling in Council Bluffs is raised by large steel bars to reduce heat effectively.


Plumbing system is folded to increase the strength of the water in case of fire. This water is filtered carefully to avoid damaging to the technology equipment.


In the Finland colocation hosting Vietnam, Google take advantages of sea water from the Gulf of Finland to cool the data center. Google always wants to use renewable energy to reduce the cost. A Google data center uses average 1000 megawatts of renewable energy each year.


Giant water tank in Berkeley County data center (South Carorila) can contain up to 240,000 liters of water for cooling devices.


Besides that, fan systems are also necessary. The fans are installed behind the way between server cabinets. The fan system continuously operates to blow the hot air flow up and away from servers then blow the cool air back to reduce the heat.